Video Interviews With BitClout Creators

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Sigil Wen

Founder, BitSwap

Chris McCann

General Partner, Race Capital

Andy Artz

Global Investor, Social Capital

Renata George

VC - CreditKarma, Canva, Bank Simple

Paul Meed

Founder, Moonbounce

Rodney Yesep

Investor, Pre - AngelList, Angel Health


Andrew Gibson

Founder, BitsToday

Jack Lalley

Founder, BitHunt

Matt & Charles

Co-Founders, BitPerks & BitLauncher

Michael Olmstead

Founder, Cloutopoly

Daniel Kempe

Founder, CloutLater


Co-Founder - CloutedOnes, DayTrade & BitCard

Mubashar Iqbal

Founder - BitCloutFollow, BitCloutGlossary, BitCloutRecap, CloutEmail & Whenactive

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